Content Copywriting

This is your home work. It’s important to get this right. There are 8 billion Websites on the internet lots of competition?. But have you realised there are a lot of poor Websites out there.

First impressions do count

Design is only 1 part of the first chance you get to impress visitors. The content of your website makes a big difference to how long visitors stay. You stand a better chance of them staying around for a while If you have good information for them to read.

Short sentences

Keep it straight to the point & ensure it makes sense. Because the average time a person spends on one web page is 8 seconds. What you say how you say it is important.

Add useful content to your website

Take your time & do some research, if you haven’t got the time or resources, then hire it out. A quality website has quality content and you do not want to cut corners here. Copyright laws must also be adhered to.

Take this opportunity to sell your Business.

Include in your website content links to sales pages for products you sell. You do not want your content to be all facts & figures, but you do want a good mix of information & sales. Because your goal with your website is to make money.

Search Engines rely on content

This is very important. words really matter when you are adding content. Search engines can not read graphics, they only read words. This is why you want your new website content to include keywords and keyword phrases. Build each new content page around a few targeted keywords. Remember Quality over quantity.