What is web hosting

Hosting is a place where your completed website files & images are kept 24hrs a day 7 days a week 52 weeks of the year. LE1 Web design only use a reputable hosting company as it is Crucial to your website to have reliable hosting.

Why do you need reliable web hosting?

Common sense applies here if you use a substandard hosting company who use over filled, out of date servers that are not maintained or have out of date security software, you will have a lot of problems:

  • website failures
  • data loss
  • viruses
  • hacking
  • bankrupt
  • overfilled
  • poor speed
  • server failures
  • no support

Avoid Problems

After spending so much time & money and finally getting the website your business needs to bring in more customers. It would be counter productive to use an insufficient server for hosting. All the above problems are going to lose customers. Your website is a reflection of your company that includes the reliability of your website.

Forward planning

Imagine your website which you’ve invested so much time and development to suddenly go offline because your host was not careful. Hosting included with the package is with a reputable company that has, no server restrictions, good server speed, hardware reliability, do not overfill servers and have a good support level. Should any problems arise LE1 Web design will deal with them.