Security Updates

Why do websites need security maintenance?
A number of reasons; increased online security hack threats, speed of websites and our server in general, new functions and future proofing the core coding of your website.

An out of date website application software can be a security risk but also slows down the server load time as it has to handle related issues to security. Server php versions are always updating to keep on top of new security issues and if a website is not kept up to date it can either be a security risk or will not work at all after a major server upgrade.

Our regular security maintenance will:
Keep your website up to date with the latest application software, this is behind the scenes coding security, to ensure security and faster loading speeds, your site will also benefit from new admin area features. If your website does still suffer with a hack we resolve ASAP at no extra charge.

How often will your website be upgraded?
To keep costs low but also keep a good standard of security we propose an upgrade every 6 months, we will take care of everything, you will see no downtime of your website.

What do you have to do?
Please respond to this email confirming you are happy with our suggested security maintenance.
We will then schedule your website in for the initial upgrade and future regular upgrades.

What if I don’t want to pay for the security maintenance?
We will need to move your website from our dedicated server onto another un-supported server.
But we won’t be able to support your website for issues and your site will be exposed to security risks.
Should your website suffer a hack issue, we would have to charge extra fees depending on time required.

How much will the security maintenance cost?
If your website was built by us we offer a fixed price for the year, this covers 2 full application upgrades and ongoing support for issues related to website functionality or security.