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Search Engine Optimisation

This is a vast subject & one of much controversy, some methods used are expensive and time consuming. There are a few techniques that could result in your website being removed from search engines altogether!

Stick to the Rules

No one can give guarantees on search engine position, but there are lots of aspects that can effect it positively. We included inbuilt SEO in your website by adhering to Search engine Rules a solid foundation is built. Although there is a lot more that can be done to raise your web site up in the search engine rankings.

Inbuilt SEO

Your website will be built with SEO techniques including;

  • Meta tags
  • title tags
  • keywords
  • alt tags
  • unique titles
  • description tags
  • content (see content link).

Site maps

XML created and submitted to google search engine. It does take time because search engines use spiders to crawl the internet looking for new Websites and new content on existing sites. With 8 million Websites this can take a while, but by submitting the correct information to these search engines this process can be speeded up.

New content

Once all is set up, your site enters the support and promotion phase. This is an ongoing activity as search engines never stay still, new sites emerge, old ones decline. The SEO rules that determine where your site is ranked are constantly changing. Your site changes itself as new content replaces old content, search engines are always looking for new content.

*Back links

Another major factor is links from other websites pointing to your site. This is not included. But we do offer a Complete SEO Service.

*Local Search Directories

There is a major growth in Local Search Directories. Many people are looking for prospects in their immediate locality. Google My Business is free as are several others.

Several offer paid inclusion but can be good value for money. The best known are and Thomson Local but some interesting newer companies are emerging such as TheBestOf…


These are online adverts where you are charged “by the click”. Best known is Google Adwords, the small ads down the right side of the page on Google. They can generate significant traffic at a low cost. This is a good way to get a quick fix while building on SEO work.

*optional extras.