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An overview of the services included.

Based on an average 5 page web site. See Examples...



Lets start at the beginning you need to get the right look for your new website.

One to one is the best way to get across your needs and concerns.

Your Organisation needs and Aesthetic design requirements.




Not as easy as it sounds. Follow these guidelines to keep viewers interested.



Web design

All websites designed from a blank canvas using the latest XHTML & CSS.

Validated to W3C standards.

Help in finding the right look for your Website.

Cross checked for Browser compatibility.




Your Website will be Designed with in-built Search Engine Optimisation.

Prevent your site from going stale on search engines use the Free updates.

Site map submitted to Search engines.

No Guarantees are given for Search engine placement.

Contact us for additional SEO services.



Domain Name

This is the name of your Website. Choose it wisely.

*Domain names need re-registering Included in the Maintenance.

Read on for more advise on Domain names.




Your Website needs a place where it can be accessed 24/7 that is called Hosting.

But there are alot of options out there that vary from good to bad.

Your Website will be on a fast reliable server safe from any hacking or virus & spam mail.



Free Updates*

Any text changes you want to make to your Website are FREE.

*Up to 3 in the 1st year

This is important for SEO to prevent a Website going Stale.




Finally after all of the time & money spent on your Website it needs Maintaining.

If a Website is not kept up to date it will go Stale.

SEO benefits & prevents lost links.

Social Web Design

Join Our conversation for some valuable website help.

Websites are not the only presence your business needs on the internet...

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CMS a website money saver

CMS Websites are for Business owners to manage their own content and play at being a webdesigner. CMS is short for Content Managed System, and can save businesses money on website costs. We can visit Leicester website owners to advise on the best way to save money on their website costs.