Web Design

First Impressions are crucial

You need to gain the interest of a viewer immediately. This means your website must load quickly & look good yet simple to navigate.

Your website design

This will be determined by your ideas & input or If you prefer you can leave it all up to LE1 web design. A joint combination is recommended.

Keeping you up to date

You will constantly be kept up to date on the progress, and will be asked to view the site while in progress on a safe sub-folder within your website host server. This way you can give feedback on the Design until you are 100% happy.

Upon approval

Your Website Design will then be coded for use on the internet. This involves the use computer languages HTML, CSS, PHP & Javascript.


To help the design process we will show you some base designs that can be adapted to your website requirements. The computer code will then be started on a blank canvas. (this avoids template problems)


When the Website has been coded for all pages you will be asked to do a walk through test of your site. All links & web pages will now be working. This will be your final chance to make any last minute changes.


When approved your website will go through the Validation process. This ensures the website meets the World Web Standards (W3C)

SEO techniques

This will also be added to ensure your website has the best chance of being found by new customers on the World Wide Web. Built in SEO is the solid foundations needed to promote your website on search engines.

Content is also a vital part of SEO, so think about your content. We do offer a *Complete SEO Service for those who want to rise to the top of google. *extra charges apply

Browser cross checking

This is a vital finishing step that is important due to a wide spread of browsers available. Each browser can interpret the code a slightly different way. Browser fixes are needed to smooth out this problem.


Think about the main structure you think you will need. Basic example:
Home | About us | Products | FAQs | Contact.
Then think about any sub links you might want if you need a bigger site.


There are a lot of important must haves involved in creating a website that will perform out on the world wide web. With out these being incorporated a website will not be found.