Maintain Your Website

  • Hosting
  • 3 Free Updates
  • Domain name renewal*
  • Regular testing
  • Any problems resolved


Why do you need website maintenance?

Finally after all of the time & money spent on your Website it needs Maintaining.

If a Website is not kept up to date it will go Stale.

Search engines give importance to websites where content changes,

if left for a few years without any updates your website design will loose

position in the ranking.

Regular spidering by search engines will start to decrease.


3 Free updates*

This applies only to text updates for the 1st year on the business package.

Use these updates to keep your Website information fresh & this will

of course keep the thirsty SEO happy.


Your Domain name*

Needs to be re-registered at least every 2 years at a cost.

This is your responsibility, unless We have registered it for you.


Hosting is provided.

Hosting will be monitored for the correct Bandwidth & any possible future problems.


Regular testing

Links can lose contact with other pages as SEO spidering & updates take place.

This needs preventing or detecting as soon as possible.


Any other problems that may arise in the future are quickly dealt with.


All included in the maintenance fee


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CMS a website money saver

CMS Websites are for Business owners to manage their own content and play at being a webdesigner. CMS is short for Content Managed System, and can save businesses money on website costs. We can visit Leicester website owners to advise on the best way to save money on their website costs.